BEHAVIOUR Is The Mirror In Which One Shows His Image
   Date :26-Jul-2020

BEHAVIOUR Is The Mirror _
G eorge Bernard Shaw wrote: “You see things, and you say ‘why?’ Others dream things that never were and say ‘why not?’” Most of us have far more ability than we think of coasting through life is fine as long as you are downhill but if you are going to climb a mountain then you better start your engine. It is not that people don’t want to; they don’t know how? If we show them how they will certainly pick up and do it. Mediocrity is for the masses and excellence is for the privileged. You don’t have to be perfect to exist in this world. Success also does not come to the chosen few.
It comes to the few who have chosen. Aristotle wrote: “The way to achieve success is to have definite, clear, practical ideal, an objective. Second, to have the necessary means to achieve your end, wisdom, money, materials and methods. Third, adjust all your means to that end.” Leadership is a trial that is expressed in very tangible ways. Leadership is the ability put together all the means to that end. People follow leaders because they have a definite goal. They encourage others in the pursuit of that goal. The way to achieve success is to have definite, clear and practical ideals.
One should have the necessary means to achieve that end. Leadership is a much talked about virtue in Business. We may think that we know what leadership is but when asked to define we stumble and make errors. One way to define leadership is to examine the qualities of great leaders. Winston Churchill once said: “I was not the lion but I was given the gift to roar. Leaders have cultivated the habit to include purpose, vision and values. All leaders strongly held a philosophy and were willing to share it with others. Everyone has a purpose in life. Very few people ever come to the realisation but those who discover their purpose and act on it are destined to fulfil their unique potential. Even a comedian has a role and purpose to make people laugh and go home to be happy.”
You never conquer the mountain; you only conquer yourself. Accept responsibility for our own actions and quit blaming circumstances, other people, and so on. Life is a series of choices. The employees blame the boss and the boss blames the employees, and both blame the customers. If we are to conquer we must go to war. If we read a self-help book, we learn a lot and pass on a lot to others. We all can become the architects of our lives. If one is burning with ambition, choose to work in a field full of potential. Your status and standard in life will never improve, if you do nothing and blame only others. Success is a habit and overworking is never productive.
You have to devote time to recharge your battery. You must find equilibrium if you want to produce results. Create new habits; a new second nature to yourself. Success will come and everything will come. Wisdom is the quiet voice that speaks to you when you are feeling good, happy and work your talents to produce desired results. Wisdom never comes from negativity nor can it exist when your mind is filled with negative thoughts. Wisdom is seeing something in a new habitual manner. Wisdom is seeing an old problem in a new way. When you discover your wisdom you will free yourself from your fixed and habitual patterns of thinking. You will be able to navigate your life towards happiness. It will become a steering wheel which urges you to move forward or take a step backwards and listen and wait for an answer! Your inner sense of knowing is wisdom.
It is true mental health, peace of mind, and serenity. When your mental computer is switched off wisdom comes automatically. You alone are capable of changing your life. The Ancestor to every action is thought. To become happy, you must know that it is possible. Only habit one should not break is thinking. Moods are like the tides of the Ocean. They constantly change and shift. Your thinking is responsible for your happiness or unhappiness. Life is to be lived one moment at a time. Focus on what you can do and not what you cannot do. You did not have prejudices at birth; you developed that much later. Obstacle is only your own thinking. Your feelings are your guide. Unhappiness is due to repetitive negative thinking. When anything is forgotten, it does not exist. If something does not exist it is not a reality. It is not the event but the thought about the event that makes the difference. Quality of your living improves by raising the level of thinking!