Date :01-Aug-2020

People, events, situations can leave you confused, frightened, angry, or resentful, often by design. Yet you can always choose a more empowered response. Engage positively in life. Flip the negative influences on their head so they inspire you rather than bring you down.
Take a proactive approach to your own sense of well being. Absorb whatever energy is pointed your way and transform it into a force for goodness. No one else has a right to control how you feel. So don’t give anyone the chance. You’re very familiar with what inspires you to be your best. Make that your focus, and make good, helpful, productive living your outcome. Flip the negative influences and commit yourself to being a positive presence in life. There’s a whole lot of good you can do by being you, so enable all that goodness to unfold. This is your year. It starts today. You’ve been put in charge of it. You’ve been given complete control. It is fresh and new, waiting to be broken in. How it turns out is now up to you. There are no limitations on how you can use this year. And don’t worry, you’ll find plenty of opportunities distributed throughout its days and moments. The clock is running now. Your year has already begun. Though it seems today that you have plenty of time, the weeks will pass quickly, so take care not to squander them. Yes, there’s plenty of time, but not enough to waste. What will you do with this great new year? How will you make it the best one yet? You need to think about those things, and soon. Even now, your year is beginning to take shape. This is your year. It’s not a test or a trial run. It’s the real thing, and it is here. It is a magnificent opportunity, and one which will not wait. This is your year. See it. Imagine it. Live it. Enjoy it. Make it great.