Counting on experiences
   Date :12-Aug-2020

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Actress Anushka Sharma says watching films does not always help understand the medium better, and that experiences in life help add value to storytelling, too. Anushka’s father served in the Army, so she and her brother Karnesh, who is her partner in their production house, grew up in a military background, which entailed lots of travelling. “Being Army kids, we are always open to new ideas and all that travelling really helped us understand local stories.
Such experiences not only helped us in storytelling, but also made us look at things in different ways rather than a set societal perspective,” the actress said. “Watching movies doesn’t always help you understand movies better. Our life experiences have helped us in this business. We have approached everything with a fresh mind. If we have taken the less travelled path, it is because we have followed our instincts!” she said. The actress reveals that there is no formula for success when it comes to content production. “The business of production is tricky and even the most experienced cannot say that they have figured it out.
You just learn from your mistakes. Even when things don’t work the way you wanted, they give us learnings,” she said. Anushka Sharma also says the Covid-19 pandemic has taught her that all are co-dependent on one another even if it is clearly not seen. “I think what this pandemic has taught me is that we are all co-dependent on one another even if we don’t see it very clearly.
The connection that all of us have -- right from a farmer to a person working at the topmost level in a corporate (organisation) -- everyone is connected in some way, and the work that one person does affects the life of another. So it’s something like a Butterfly Effect,” Anushka told IANS. Everyone is connected to one another, stressed Anushka. “I think this is something that we are sometimes ignorant of, and we think our life is autonomous, but it actually isn’t. We are all connected with one another and this pandemic has taught us to appreciate one another so much more, and to appreciate the work that everybody does. I’m not only talking about the frontline workers -- their contribution has been extremely brave and we all feel extremely grateful for it,” she said. Anushka said that every job that anyone does is equally important, and they are all linked in a way. “It is the realisation I’ve had through this pandemic and it has really made me feel way more humbled, and it has made me feel way more connected to everybody and every job that people do right now,” she said.