'stay true to your fashion'
    Date :18-Aug-2020

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By Puja Gupta :
Fashion influencer Aashna Shroff enjoys a huge fan following on her social media handle. Her target audience is young and fashionable. Her mantra and something she advices aspiring bloggers to follow is always stay true to yourself and your sense of style, cause that's the only way they'll stand out. With over 794k followers on Instagram, Shroff is known for her chic style and trendy fashion choices; this makes her a hot favourite amongst brands to promote their products. Shroff speaks about her collaborations and her fashion preferences.
Q: What is the idea behind the collection and how are you a good fit for the collaboration?
A: The idea behind the collection is to create a line of shoes where there's something for every woman. We believe that every woman is truly magic, and hence we decided to call the collection ‘You Are Magic’ with 3 different themes to it; ‘Discover, Embrace and Empower’. Believing in yourself and your magic is a journey, and once a woman discovers the magic she has within and truly embraces it, is when she can empower herself; then there's no stopping her.
Q: What is unique about this collection?
A: I'm someone who experiments a lot with my fashion, and I don't have one particular style aesthetic, that's what I love about the collection too. If someday I feel like going bohemian, I'll reach out for one of the jute pairs, or if someday I feel like wearing a power suit with statement heels, I have so many colours to choose from. Or even if I'm looking for something that's comfortable but also glam and shiny, we've got that covered too! And when you look at the entire collection, it's the perfect blend of CAI and my style together.
Q: As the collection is versatile for every mood and occasion, share some some work from home styles from the
A: I'm mostly always in pyjamas or flared pants and crop tops at home, so I'd totally wear one of the - I'm Strapped heels with a pyjama shirt and flared denims for some instant boss girl feels, while still being extremely comfortable at home! Another thing I've worn a lot at home recently is flowy dresses, for which most of the jute pairs, especially my favourites, The Woven Ones would pair really well!
Q: Your thoughts on conscious fashion led by homegrown brands?
A: I personally feel homegrown brands are a great podium to show the beautiful talent and creativity that the craftsmen our country has. I've seen first hand the amount of thought and love that goes into each pair of shoes that CAI creates, and it makes me proud to support the same in every way that I can. I'm always surprised/impressed at how great locally made products and goods are! One doesn't have to look anywhere else because the best is made in our own home country!
Q: Five must-have staples in your wardrobe?
A: Flared denims, a crisp white shirt, a well fitted black suit, a nude/beige bodysuit, and a black satin camisole dress. I love my neutrals.
Q: If you had to give one piece of advice to upcoming bloggers/influencers in your field of work, what would that be?
A: It would be to always stay true to yourself and your sense of style, cause that's the only way you'll stand out. And to make sure you put your 100 percent into every piece of content you create. And of course, just be patient and consistent with your content.