NHAI develops excellent network of roads in country: Gadkari
   Date :19-Aug-2020

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Staff Reporter ;
National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is constantly working hard for the development of excellent roads in the country. The road development is aimed to save time for transport, save the expenditure for transportation and for employment generation, said Union Minister, Nitin Gadkari on Tuesday. Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) has organised a virtual exhibition on construction, equipment, technology and units. Gadkari was addressing through video conferencing as a chief guest of the exhibition. Addressing to the main executive committee members of CII, Gadkari stressed on the usage of ultra modern technology, development of new technology and saving the expenses of transportation.
He said, “The profit of contractors and industrialists would increase if they could save the expenditure on transportation and production. The consumers would also get commodities on cheaper rates. The number of airports in India has been increased. The railway network is also very strong and now NHAI has developed an excellent network of roads in the country. This situation would result in the saving of expenditure on transportation.
It's our duty to fulfill the dream of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to achieve an economy of five trillions and basic infrastructure development of 10 lakh crores. In order to achieve this goal, we have to import less and export more. We have to produce the equipment required for industries under Make In India and Made In India. For this, we have to focus on new research and developing new technologies.” Expressing his concern over the transport expenditure in India which is 16 to 18 percent more than other countries, Gadkari said, “ The trucks should use CNG for travelling up to 250 kms and to travel more than 700 to 800 kms the fuel LNG should be used. This would save the transportation expenditure and fuel use. The trucks running on diesel should be converted into LNG fuel. In order to save production costs, transportation costs and fuel costs, NHAI is developing the big highways in the country.
Also to find an alternative for saving import costs, it is needed for India to produce the equipment and material required for construction. If the country could produce the equipment and material of international standards and quality, then the export for the same is possible. In future, the Government is thinking to hike the import duties on imported goods.” Gadkari appealed to CII to start research and training centres in the country which will then help IIT and Engineering Colleges. He added, “ the Government is ready to help the colleges for this project. The country could get skilled human resources through this project and it would also boost the production of equipment and materials required for the construction industry.”