World’s Best Dry Fruits offers hemoglobin laddu
   Date :02-Aug-2020

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World’s Best Dry Fruits offers hemoglobin laddu (no sugar, no gud, no khoa, no preservatives). It contains only grade 1 dryfruits procured from 37 countries. Cranberry from France, ajwa dates from Saudi Arabia, pine nuts from Afghanistan, hazelnut Turkey Europe, almonds from Italy, Iran, Australia and Brazil, nuts from Brazil, apricots from Turkey and Afghanistan, blueberry from Canada, prunes from France, macadamia nuts from Kenya, sunflowers seeds from Thailand, Cacao nibs from lvory Coast Africa, plum from Thailand, Mulberry from USA, Gojiberry from Tibet, pecan nuts Australia, chia seeds from Australia, basil seeds from Thailand, pumpkin seeds from USA and apricot seeds from Europe which have iron and vitamin A, B, C, D, E, K and B12.
As per the research done by California University of Montreal Canada dry fruits reduces bad cholesterol and risk of heart attack. India ranks world’s number one in diabetes and heart attack cases. BP and diabetes tablets create kidney failure in the long-term. Moreover, one cannot expect too much from today’s vegetables, fruits that are grown with pesticides.
Dry Fruits are healthy food and it can save from diabetes and heart attack, says a press release. For more details, interested customers may visit World’s Best Dry Fruits which is located on Residency Road, near Patanjali, Sadar, Nagpur. CUstomers may also call on phone no. 0712-2539933.