China starts fresh build up north of Pangong Lake
   Date :10-Sep-2020

Pangong Lake_1  
By Sumit Kumar Singh ;
AS India dominates south of Pangong Lake in Eastern Ladakh, China has started fresh build up at Finger area north of the Lake, sources said on Wednesday. It started soon after the skirmish on the southern bank took place on September 7 where warning shots were fired by both sides. The deployment of People’s Liberation Army troops have increased since Tuesday evening.
They are also bringing in more materials and logistics items. The troops from both sides are at a short range from each other. “They are within clear visible range and Indian troops are keeping a close watch on the activities,” said a Government source. The Chinese continue to sit atop Finger 4 ridgeline. The north bank of the lake is divided into 8 fingers that are contested by both sides. India claims that the Line of Actual Control at Finger 8 and had been holding on to area till Finger 4 but in a clear alteration of status quo the Chinese have been camping at Finger 4 and have set up fortifications between Finger 5 and 8. 
India, China military talks still inconclusive
Sept 9 (IANS)
INDIAN and Chinese military representatives met on Wednesday to amicably de-escalate tension on the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh but the talks were “inconclusive”. The militaries of both countries will again meet for further deliberations. The talks happened after Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops had made a provocative military effort to dislodge Indian soldiers from their positions on the LAC on September 7.