Date :15-Sep-2020

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DESPITE the rising numbers of coronavirus positive cases in the country, three fourths of the people have put their total trust in Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s handling of the situation. The IANS C Voter COVID-19 survey has revealed that 75.8% people endorse the strategy of the Government. Such huge support to the Prime Minister’s strategies in handling one of the most unprecedented and disruptive events in the history of mankind has its genesis in the remarkable recovery rate that India has achieved over the past few months. At present India has over 9.90 lakh active cases but the recovery rate too has gone up several notches which is a positive commentary on the healthcare efforts put in by the Government. Given the massive population and large swathe of land to cover, India has done well in limiting positive cases and deaths as compared to other big countries. India was quick to realise the situation in the European countries and came up with the strategy of a long lockdown. It has impacted the economy but the drastic step was necessary to save lives. People’s support to the move is reflected through numbers in the survey.
BY BECOMING the first player in 26 years to win a US Open women’s singles final after losing the first set, Japan’s Naomi Osaka has bolstered her credentials as the next big thing on the women’s circuit. At 22, she has already established herself as a top player but the wavering form after losing the World No. 1 position made it imperative for the vocal champion of rights of black people to reclaim her place in the memory of tennis lovers as a player worth her salt, apart from the activism she practices on the court. This title, in the empty Arthur Ashe Stadium, standing up to the sparkling form of Victoria Azarenka, is a statement of intent from the Japanese. This title was totally different from the one she lifted two years ago in a straight-set defeat of an ill-tempered Serena Williams. Osaka was booed by the partisan crowd back then and this victory can be termed as a payback. As Osaka walked off with her third Grand Slam title, she opened a new chapter in women’s tennis where the ageing Serena Williams is still holding court. Never wary of taking up challenges against top players, Osaka has now presented herself as a worthy competitor for the numero uno position in women’s tennis.