Chinese troops’ movement in depth areas opposite Arunachal Pradesh noticed
   Date :16-Sep-2020

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AFTER the Chinese Army’s attempts to occupy dormant heights in Southern Pangong Tso area were foiled by the Indian security forces, Indian agencies are keeping a close watch on their movements opposite other sectors, especially Arunachal Pradesh, where the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has been moving troops in the depth areas. “A strict vigil is being maintained in almost all the sectors with China from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh as the Chinese suffered a setback in the southern Pangong Tso area and may try to make fresh attempts to ingress into newer dormant areas,” Government sources said.
In the Arunachal Pradesh sector, the Indian security forces have been keeping a close watch on Chinese military movements in the areas opposite the Asaphila area, and also opposite the Tuting axis and the Fish Tail-2 area, they said.
Sources said the movement of Chinese troops in their depth areas has been seen in the last few days using the roads built by them in the area where they have built infrastructure through glaciated areas as well. Looking at the Chinese activities, the Indian side has also strengthened its positions on the LAC.