Lightning kills 34 cattle at Ugetara village
   Date :07-Sep-2020

Lightning_1  H
 Cattle lying dead after lightning strike.
Staff Reporter ;
In a freak incident, 34 cattle met heartbreaking end in terrifying lightning strike at village Ugetara under Arang Police Station on the night of Saturday. Villagers informed the Administration, on whose order Arang Police and Veterinary Department had reached the spot. Sarpanch Satish Kumar Dhruw told about the incident that the incident happened at around 7 pm on Saturday, when lightning struck the Gauthan with a thunderous sound and 34 cattle fell lifeless in an instant.
The carcass of cattle were buried after post-mortem by Veterinary Department and in the presence of Arang Police. Social worker Chaon Kumar Sahu informed Gaon Vikas Samiti operates the Gothan, where cattle are kept so as to protect the crops. The Samiti is running the gothan for past two years. Samiti is looks after the arrangement of fodder and maintenance. There was a wide-spread grief and panic in the village after the incident as a big crowd had gathered to see the dead cattle. Entire village was plunged into deep mourn.