Comedy Of Errors
   Date :08-Sep-2020

Ram Pyare Sirf Humare_1&n
Zee TV is all set to introduce a refreshing comedy of errors that will get families together and make them laugh with its engaging light-hearted narrative. The situational comedy, titled Ram Pyare Sirf Humare, follows the life of a young woman Dulari and her ‘prize catch’ of a charming husband - Ram.
Set in Bhopal, the story captures how this married woman, who is aware of how her ideal husband is cynosure of every woman’s eyes, turns to a book of worldly wisdom with traditional nuskas to keep him safe from the clutches of women vying for his attention.
The show will feature popular actor Nikhil Khurana as Ram, a small town Mohalla hero and the apple of every woman’s eyes. Opposite him as Dulari is Jyoti Sharma. Dulari knows the dynamics at play when other women react to her husband Ram’s obvious charms. Bringing shades of grey into this picture perfect love story is Ram and Dulari’s strikingly attractive neighbour, Koel. Portrayed by the very talented Shamin Mannan, Koel is an alluring and charmingly talented, smart and out-going personality. Watch Ram and Dulari’s over the top tale and find out if Dulari is successful in her plan of keeping her man as Zee TV shortly launches Ram Pyare, Sirf Humare.