RCOEM offers course in Industrial Engineering branch
   Date :01-Jan-2021

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Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management (RCOEM), one of the leading institutes of the country, is offering Industrial Engineering course. Industrial Engineering (IE) is wider concept which is not only applicable in industries, but also in sectors like hospitals, banks, construction, mining, programming, surgeries, distribution etc.
IE deals with work and optimization of resources like man, material, machines, money, method, information, technology, time etc. that are related to work. IE curriculum covers different systems (based on function) like work, human, production, finance, marketing, materials, human-machine interaction, management information, decision support etc. in addition to optimization, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, database management, design, manufacturing, automation, quality assurance, maintenance, reliability, supply chain, logistics and many other courses.
At RCOEM, the students go through a plethora of activities that train them for facing the future challenges and applying their skills. Demand of IE in developed countries is high but they are required in developing nations for the constant need for development. It is the discipline for all time.
For admissions in a graduate IE programme, a candidate must complete 12th standard with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Masters in IE can be perceived after graduation in any engineering discipline. After going through the IE programme many students are doing exceptionally well in their career as this discipline nourishes their sub-conscious instinct of being leaders, problem solvers, reorganisers and creative individuals.