Over 60 pc health workers administered COVID vaccine
   Date :19-Jan-2021

Health Care Worker_1 
 One of the Health Care Worker during taking Covid vaccine.
Staff Reporter :
First Adverse Event Following Immunisation case reported from AIIMS 
Over 60 per cent of the targeted front line Health Care Workers (HCW) were on Monday administered Covid vaccines. The highest number of vaccination (85 per cent) was done at NH MMI Narayana Superspeciality Hospital. As against the scheduled 9,278 vaccination of HCW, only 5,280 HCW were vaccinated on the second day today in State. In the first phase 2.67 lakh HCW are to be vaccinated. First Adverse Event Following Immunization (AEFI) case was reported from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Raipur on Monday while total six cases were reported in state, according to information.
Dr Meera Baghel, Chief Medical and Health Officer (CMHO), Raipur informed that NHMMI Narayana Hospital continues to be on top position on the second day of vaccination. On the inaugural day on January 16, NHMMI Narayana hospital recorded 88 per cent of immunisation. Evangelical Mission Hospital Tilda recorded the second highest vaccination on the day with 69 per cent. Pt Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Medical Hospital was in third position in Raipur district with 62 per cent vaccination. Raipur District Hospital was in fourth position with 45 per cent vaccination and finally AIIMS Raipur was in the fifth position with 40 per cent vaccination. On Monday, of 55 vials only 32 vials were used for vaccination of 301 health workers out of targeted 500. On the inaugural day of vaccination 344 persons were given vaccines and it was 68.8 per cent as per record.
Sukma district was on top in the vaccination chart on the first day with 87 per cent of vaccination. While talking to The Hitavada, Dr Amar Singh Thakur, State Immunisation Officer informed that may be due to some fear among the health care staff/workers towards the vaccine 40 per cent of candidates could not turn up for vaccination. However, the number of vaccinations would increase as soon as the doubts of candidates get cleared with time. He confirmed that the vaccination shots are absolutely safe and minor side effects were expected in some persons. However there is no compulsion for the vaccination. Professor Dr Nitin M Nagarkar, Director of AIIMS Raipur, informed that he took the first shot of the vaccine on Saturday and he is in perfect health.
On Monday he performed two operations out of which one was Major operation and second was minor one. Throughout the day he served patients in AIIMS as per his routine and was absolutely fine. On the first day he experienced little temperature but it was close to normal. He expected that soon people would be aware and will gain confidence to get vaccinated. He assured that vaccines are absolutely safe for all and one should come forward to get vaccinated without hesitation.