NHAI to use software to track delays in files processing, says Gadkari
   Date :04-Jan-2021

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TO curb red-tapism and enhance transparency, NHAI will deploy software specifically to track files that will pin-point officials behind delays in disposing of matters, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has said. This will be a part of several measures to enhance efficiency and transparency at NHAI, Road Transport Minister Gadkari said. In June last year, the National Highways Authority of India had said that it has become the first construction sector organisation to go ‘fully digital’ with cloud-based Data Lake Software.
“Red-tapism will no longer be tolerated...Delayed decision-making results in losses. To eradicate red-tapism, we will be bringing a software that will specifically detect how much time one particular official has taken in disposing of any file,” Gadkari told PTI. The Minister said several proposals have been made to enhance efficiency and transparency in NHAI and he had a detailed discussion with NHAI Chairman SS Sandhu and Highways Secretary Giridhar Aramane. Lauding the efforts by the NHAI Chairman and Highways Secretary, he said: “In our system, we are trying red-tapism is eliminated and decision making is made fast and transparent.
Work should happen timely, corruption-free, in a time-bound manner and efficiently. Those who do not take timely decisions will be tracked”. He also warned of stern action against such officials. Besides, Gadkari said project management consultancy system will be introduced soon -- where alignment, land acquisition, forest environment clearance, utility shifting, construction, designing, road safety and roadside amenities -- everything will be provided about the project. New technologies are being promoted, while attention is being paid on reducing the cost of construction of projects without compromising with the quality, he added.
Admitting that the hurdles were there in the way of innovation and reforms, Gadkari said the ministry is overcoming problems and moving ahead fast. “I take pride that work worth Rs 17 lakh crore has been done by Ministries during the NDA-1 regime without any corruption,” the minister noted. NHAI in June last year had announced introducing Data Lake software to forecast the delays, likely disputes and expedite decision making.