Proud moment: Inspector father salutes DSP daughter in Tirupati
   Date :05-Jan-2021

Inspector Shyam Sunder sa
 Inspector Shyam Sunder salutes his daughter DSP Jessie Prasanthi at the police meet in Tirupati.
IT WAS a moment of pride for an Andhra Pradesh Police Inspector when he could salute his daughter, who is the Deputy Superintendent of Police. During a police meeting in Tirupati, Shyam Sunder, the police circle Inspector currently working in Tirupati Kalyani Dam police training centre saw his DSP daughter, Jessie Prasanthi, at the police meet dubbed ‘Ignite’. Sunder’s instant reaction was to raise his hand in salute to his officer.
What transpired between the two was witnessed by many and warmed everyone’s heart. On seeing his daughter at the prestigious police conference, Sunder approached Prasanthi and saluted her, as she holds a higher rank to him. Prasanthi is slated to become a member of the elite Indian Police Service (IPS) in some years. Prasanthi is from the 2018 batch, who took charge as the DSP of Guntur of urban south and is currently attending the police meet under the women’s safety initiative ‘Disha’.
Sunder was elated to see his daughter interacting with senior IPS officers right in front of him, prompting him to surprise Prasanthi with the salute and addressing her as ‘madam’. On receiving the salute, Prasanthi reciprocated in similar manner and burst into laughter saying “enti nanna” (what is this dad) in Telugu and in a jovial mood amid a sea of police officials who witnessed this rare professional moment. “There is no bigger happiness than children becoming successful in life. I have the belief that my child will serve the people with integrity,” said Sunder.