Residual terrorist strength in Kashmir below 200: MoD
   Date :06-Jan-2021

Residual terrorist streng
RESIDUAL terrorist strength in Jammu and Kashmir is currently below 200, said the Ministry of Defence in its annual review. The Ministry also pointed out that local recruitment is decreasing giving a serious blow to the nefarious designs of Pakistan to “indigenise” the movement and fuel unrest in the Valley. “Well synergised, Intelligence-based operations have resulted in significant successes and have considerably degraded terrorist leadership and their capabilities in Jammu and Kashmir,” the Ministry said. Attempts to spread violence South of Pir Panjal Range have been comprehensively defeated by proactive operations.
It is South of Pir Panjal Range from where terrorists from Pakistan make attempts to infiltrate in the Valley. The Ministry also said that possible steps are being taken to provide a secure environment to the people of Jammu and Kashmir. “Significant reduction has been observed in protests over past two years providing an opportunity to the Awaam to lead a peaceful life,” the Ministry said. Attempts of inimical elements to mislead people by running disinformation campaigns were defeated by proactively monitoring the situation and engaging with the local population.
In the challenging times of global pandemic of COVID-19, the Indian Army rendered assistance not only to the civil administration but directly to civil populace as well, by carrying out medical evacuations, provision of necessary supplies to needy and educating common people about nitty-gritties of COVID-19. “The humane approach of the Army has been appreciated by one and all,” the Ministry said. The Ministry further pointed that with the ‘whole of Government’ approach adopted against the terror ecosystem and the consistent efforts of the security forces, the security situation in Jammu and Kashmir has seen progressive improvement.