‘Govt must be shaken no matter how many Hindus killed’, Umar Khalid had said to AAP’s Tahir Hussain
   Date :08-Jan-2021

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“NO MATTER how many houses need to be set on fire or Hindus killed, the Government must be shaken at any cost,” former Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) councillor Tahir Hussain has said quoting Umar Khalid, in a disclosure statement in the supplementary chargesheet filed by Delhi Police against former Jawaharlal Nehru University student Khalid in the northeast Delhi riots case. The disclosure statement forms part of a 55-page supplementary chargesheet filed against Khalid in the case related to communal violence in Khajuri Khas last February.
The court had taken cognisance of the chargesheet on January 5, noting that there was sufficient material to proceed against him. In the disclosure statement dated March 11, Tahir Hussain said that he was introduced to Umar Khalid on January 8 at Shaheen Bagh and during the meeting, the latter told him that the Government will not listen to them unless they create a ruckus. “No matter how many houses need to be set on fire or Hindus killed, the Government must be shaken at any cost. Umar Khalid asked me not to worry about the finances.
Our friends and Delhi PFI are providing monetary help in the mission. With the help of the money, prepare people for riots and also buy important material for it,” Hussain said in the statement, quoting Umar Khalid. He added, “I called Gulfam, who lives in my area, and asked him to prepare some boys for the riots and asked him to buy arsenal. He told me that he has a licensed pistol. I gave him Rs 15,000 to buy bullets. After a few days, Gulfam told me that he had bought 100 cartridges.” In February, another Delhi-riots accused Khalid Saifi apprised Hussain that Umar Khalid had told him that US President Donald Trump was to visit India that month. “Accordingly, they will spark riots as per the plan. Due to which the world’s attention will be on India, which will bring shame to Modi Government worldwide. From February 23, we commenced riots in Delhi.”