Govt should clear its stand on opening of coaching classes: ACI
   Date :11-Oct-2021

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Business Bureau :
The body of the coaching classes - Association of Coaching Institutes (ACI) on Saturday urged the Government to make its stand clear on opening of the coaching classes in off-line mode. As per the Government’s directives schools in the city area are opened for class VIII to XII and in the district for class V to XII. But the Governmnet has not mentioned anything about opening of coaching classes. When the ACI approached the local authorities and asked them about opening of coaching classes, the authorities said that the Government’s directives do not include coaching classes hence they cannot be allowed to open it till further notice.
“It is surprising to note here that while issuing lockdown orders, coaching classes and schools were mentioned together but while issuing unlock orders coaching classes are omitted from,” ACI said. ACI further pointed out that for the last 18 months, coaching classes are closed and every time they have to fight with the authorities to include their names in the unlock orders. ACI said that coaching system is a naturally evolved parallel education system providing coaching for national level entrance exams. The coaching for none of these exams is provided in schools and colleges and hence their existence is paramount in the present scenario. On August 8, 2021 coaching classes were opened with 50 per cent capacity with the intervention of Guardian Minister Nitin Raut. But after five days the classes were again closed by an order of State Govt. for no apparent reasons although the corona cases were significantly low. In the recent entrance exams like JEE and NEET students were not able to meet their faculties due to lockdown and hence the result of this region will suffer to a great extent compared to other states where the classes are open.