Swaranjali paid to Jagjit Singh
   Date :12-Oct-2021

jagjit sigh_1  
Staff Reporter :
Prabhanjay Chaturvedi and Shiuli Ghosh Majumdar offered their Swaranjali to Ghazal Samrat Jagjit Singh Saheb through selected ghazals sung by him and Chitra Singh and mesmerised the audiences to pay tribute to Jagjit Singh on his 10th death anniversary. On this occasion, especially Anil Sahu and Ashok Chaturvedi from Raipur, Vijay Agarwal from Durg, Khemraj Madhyani, Deepak Jain, Tulsi Sahu and R K Srivastava from Bhilai were present in large numbers. The accomplices with Prabhanjay Chaturvedi and Shiuli Ghosh Majumdar were Bhalchandra Shegekar, Dushyant Harmukh, Dipankar Das, Ramchandra Sarp, Vineet Kartap and Rais Shah. The function was conducted by Supriyo Sen. Akanksha Chaturvedi also presented a ghazal which was highly appreciated by the audiences.