Dr Nikhil Malewar to conduct free consultation to mark World Spine Day
   Date :13-Oct-2021

Dr Nikhil Malewar_1 
Dr Nikhil Malewar, Spine Surgeon and Director at Orthoavenue Hospital, Lokmat Square, Ramdaspeth, will observe the World Spine Day is a unique way. He will be providing free consultation to senior citizens above 60 years and investigations at discounted rates to mark the occasion of World Spine Day on October 16, says a press release issued here. October 16 is celebrated as World Spine Day across the world. This year’s theme for the World Spine Day is ‘BACK TO BACK’, which reflects the need to refocus on spine related disorders as it is one of the leading cause of disability worldwide. ‘BACK TO BACK’ will focus on highlighting ways in which people can keep their spine healthy by staying active, avoiding physical activity not overloading the spine, adapting healthy habits such as regular exercise, weight loss, cessation of tobacco and smoking.
For the past one and half year we have been facing the problem of COVID-19 and everyone has to go through restrictions of lockdowns. Due to which most of the people had to stay home leading to inactivity, weight gain and hence increase in various spine related disorders. Also, many people suffering from spinal problems could not get proper treatment due to fear of going out especially to the hospital. For details one may call on mobile no. 9960571564 / 8080022349.