Mah facing 4,000 MW power shortage, Coal India blamed for supply crunch
   Date :13-Oct-2021

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Staff Reporter :
Energy Minister Raut rules out load-shedding 
Ruling out any load-shedding in State, Maharashtra's Energy Minister Dr Nitin Raut said the State is facing the shortfall of 3500 to 4000 MW power. Blaming Coal India for its alleged mismanagement and lack of planning, Dr Raut said same has led to shortage of coal to thermal power houses. Of the 27 units only four are shut as MahaGenco is smartly tackling the grave situation. Coal India, a Maharatna PSU and the largest producer of the fossil fuel, has failed to ensure timely supply of coal for thermal power generation plants in the state. Speaking to mediapersons, Dr Raut on Tuesday further said the current shortfall in power generation is due to Coal India’s unorganised functioning and lack of planning.
The Minister also accused Coastal Gujarat Power Ltd and JSW of not supplying power to Maharashtra despite having agreements. The Coastal Gujarat Power Ltd and JSW have agreements with State power utilities for supply of 760 MW and 240 MW respectively but these companies are violating the pact thus creating a shortage of 1,000 MW in State. Dr Raut claimed that though these two companies have ample coal supply but still they are not supplying the contracted power to Maharashtra.