Dr Deepa Nandanwar: Vastu Shastra can help achieve success in life
   Date :14-Oct-2021

Dr Deepa Nandanwar_1 
Business Bureau :
FROM the past few years, the awareness level regarding Vastu Shastra has increased manifold especially among those who are buying their first flat or constructing new homes. Apart from this, multinational companies, banks, builders, industrialists and traders who really want results and to progress in business and life are taking the advise of Vastu Shastra consultants in a big way. This was revealed by Dr Deepa Nandanwar, Director of Durvankar, a Vastu Shastra and Reiki consultant while talking to The Hitavada. Dr Deepa is a well-known figure in the this field and holds a Ph.D in Vastu Shastra. She has wide experience of more than 23 years in this field and is working on projects with leading multinational companies like LG, World of Titan, Titan Eye Plus, Godrej, Girnar Bank, Pusad Urban Co-op Bank among others. She has also worked on the prestigious Shirdi Sansthan’s new auditorium project. Dr Deepa said that her son Shreyash Nandanwar and his friend Abhishekh Rewatkar are both architects and partners of --Studio Open Project -- providing designing and planning services.
They work on all types of residential and commercial projects and their clients ask for designing projects according to Vastu Shastra. “Now a days, application of Vastu Shastra has become an integral part in designing and planning a home,” she pointed out. Vastu Shastra actually means living in harmony with nature. It is based on five natural elements like earth, fire, water, space and air. Each element is aligned and associated with a specific direction. Elements used properly can help to achieve success in life. Vastu Shastra is an ancient science and has predefined principles and remedies. There are chances that having a Vastu complaint home could help to improve a persons life. Even if a person does not have a Vastu complaint home, taking remedial measures and practical tips from Vastu Shastra could improve the positivity levels of a home, she added. Dr Deepa Nandanwar, Durvankar, Vastu Shastra, Reiki and Advance Healing Research Centre is at First Floor, Nirmala Apartment, Law College Sq, Amravati Rd (M: 9823452767).