Petrol, diesel prices hiked again
   Date :17-Oct-2021

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PETROL and diesel price on Saturday was hiked again by 35 paise a litre to take retail rates across the country to new record highs. With this hike, petrol is now at Rs 100-a-litre mark or more in all state capitals, while diesel has touched the 100-level in a dozen states. Diesel is nearing Rs 100-a-litre mark in Goal and Bengaluru. The price of petrol in Delhi rose to its highest-ever level of Rs 105.49 a litre and Rs 111.43 per litre in Mumbai, according to a price notification of State-owned fuel retailers. In Mumbai, diesel now comes for Rs 102.15 a litre; while in Delhi, it costs Rs 94.22. This is the third straight day of 35 paise per litre hike in petrol and diesel prices.