Date :02-Oct-2021

OFF-SPINNER R Ashwin has yet again stoked a debate over the highly exaggerated term called ‘Spirit of Cricket’ when he took a run after the ball had ricocheted off his batting partner during an IPL game. Reacting to the incident, rival captain Eoin Morgan described the Indian a ‘disgrace’ and accused him of not adhering to the ‘Spirit of Cricket’. Ashwin has rightly roasted the Englishman by telling him not to take moral high ground on an issue that is well within the rules of cricket. The criticism Ashwin is facing from a section of cricket experts and players is totally uncalled for. He did what is legally permissible as per the rules of the game. Same was the case when Ashwin ran out batsman at the non-striker’s end while backing up too far. The furore such incidents create and the quick resort people with highly questionable cricketing ethics take in ‘Spirit of Cricket’ is puzzling. The same Morgan was happy to lift the World Cup that was delivered to England by a ricochet off Ben Stokes’ bat. It is high time the much-maligned ‘Spirit of Cricket’ part was thrown into the dust bin and the game played as per the rules laid down in black and white.