sensible DECISION
   Date :09-Oct-2021

sensible DECISION_1 
AFTER the reciprocal action imposed on British nationals arriving in India after the UK refused to accept the CoWIN certificates of fully vaccinated Indian travellers, the British Government has wisely chosen to withdraw its discriminatory travel advisory and ended a simmering diplomatic row. As per the new rules, to come into effect in a few hours, Indian travellers, fully vaccinated with Covishield or another UK-approved vaccine, will no longer require to undergo quarantine on their arrival in Britain.
The change in stance by the United Kingdom authorities is welcome, for, the restrictions it had imposed on Indian travellers smacked of bias and needed to be cancelled with immediate effect to avoid a nasty tiff. No country affords to adopt such adamant posture which the UK did for a while at a time of growing international togetherness. India cannot be faulted for the retaliatory action on British travellers, forcing them to a 10-day quarantine, because it was within rights of a sovereign country to protect the dignity of its people. New Delhi chose the perfect reply of a reciprocal action to drive home its point that it would not budge even a bit when it comes to standing up for its people.