India, Japan researchers working on smartphone-based mapping of potholes
   Date :15-Nov-2021

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By Gunjan Sharma :
RESEARCHERS from India and Japan are working on smartphone-based mapping of road health in both the countries to reduce the accidents caused due to damaged roads. The joint project by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee and the University of Tokyo is aimed at developing an affordable and deployable solution for automating the monitoring of road conditions and ultimately enhancing road safety.
The team also has inputs from Alexander Mraz, a data scientist from Luxembourg in Europe. IIT-Roorkee professor Durga Toshniwal, who is supervising the Indian team in the ongoing research, said the road infrastructure holds critical socio-economic importance for providing vital transportation services to people and commodities worldwide. “Considering that the road condition has a direct and substantial impact on road safety, the roads need to be maintained regularly and monitored exhaustively from time to time. The conventional methods for road condition assessment involve a labour-intensive manual inspection of road surfaces,” she told PTI.