Ready to discuss all demands except merger, Parab says as MSRTC strike continues
   Date :21-Nov-2021

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Merger of the MSRTC with the State Govt is the main demand of the employees 
MAHARASHTRA Transport Minister Anil Parab on Saturday said the Government was ready to discuss all the demands of the striking MSRTC employees except merger. The strike of the employees of the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC), the state-run bus service, continued on the 24th day on Saturday. Merger of the cash-strapped corporation with the State Government is the main demand of the employees who are on strike since October 28.
The Government will take the report of the committee appointed on the order of the Bombay High Court to examine the employees’ demand seriously, Parab told reporters here. “The employees should not listen to the leaders who are only interested in politics. By doing so, the employees will put their own future in danger,” he added.