Malik’s tweets on Wankhede stem from malice but no blanket gag order, says HC
   Date :23-Nov-2021

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THE Bombay High Court on Monday refused to impose a blanket injunction against Maharashtra cabinet minister Nawab Malik to restrain him from making any public statement or post tweets targeting NCB Zonal Director Sameer Wankhede. Justice Madhav Jamdar, however, said prima facie (on the face of it), Malik’s tweets against Wankhede had actuated out of malice and personal animosity.
However, since Wankhede was a Government officer and the allegations made against him by Malik pertained to activities related to the NCB Zonal Director’s public duties, the minister couldn’t be completely prohibited from making any statements against him, the judge said. The Minister, however, henceforth, must make statements against Wankhede or his family only after “reasonable verification of facts,” the HC said. The HC’s judgement came on an interim prayer for such an injunction sought by Wankhede’s father Dnyandev.