RPF brings ‘glass shards’ to check trespassers at Loha Pul
   Date :25-Nov-2021

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By Sagar Mohod :
“Railway Protection Force (RPF) is mulling over an idea similar to glass shards near outer signals to prevent trespassing on the railway tracks wherein pointed stones would be affixed at boundary of railways at Loha Pul,” informed Senior Divisional Security Commissioner and Commandant, RPF, Central Railway, Nagpur Division, Ashutosh Pandey." Talking to ‘The Hitavada’, he said, the spot at Loha Pul is notorious for trespassing and also many a time petty criminals and vendors are found straying or moving out after trains stop at the outer signal here. “Just like broken glasses are affixed on boundary walls at homes to deter intruders, similar concept with use of different material could provide us respite from the continuous policing to ensure people do not have easy access to tracks. Otherwise also the area is quite near the station and is sensitive one,” said Pandey Many a time even people travelling without ticket have found the site useful for avoiding detection at station ahead.
A number of times, passenger trains stop for a while at the outer signal on way to Nagpur Railway Station owing to congestion at platform. During the brief halt, one can see number of people deboarding the trains which at times is also risky. The rail route above Loha Pul is busy route between Nagpur and Ajni still people are not averse to taking risk. So after mulling over various options, the RPF has recommended to division officials the need to put a permanent break to such risky violations. As the road below is quite approachable from the railway track, people and many times children, too, move around casually at Loha Pul.
The spot at Loha Pul is also habituated by petty criminals and also unauthorised vendors whose activities too is being taken quite seriously with a view to control their menace. Pandey further said the pointed stones would be put in ground so that they are not easily taken off and ensure nobody can criss-cross from the said spot so easily. Continuous patrolling is also otherwise continued in the section but given the demand for manpower, for RPF regular diversion of its force for controlling trespassing activity becomes problematic. Simple way by limiting access to railway property, RPF want to lessen the risks involved in mishaps or other activities. Only a small portion near Loha Pul on either side needs to be covered strategically through pointed stones to deter trespassers.