TiE Nagpur, Tsecond Inc to host session on November 26
   Date :25-Nov-2021

sahil chawla_1  
TiE Nagpur’s upcoming event for the Charter Members will be hosted by Tsecond Inc on November 26, 2021. Tsecond Inc, a data-tech innovation start-up in Silicon Valley, USA, is co-founded by Sahil Chawla from Nagpur. Sahil also heads Tsecond Generation Technology Pvt Ltd Company (India Brand) which has been listed among the best start-ups at Collision conference, New Orleans and billed as the top 20 most promising hardware start-ups from India by Silicon Valley Magazine.
He intends to reform the global datasphere with breakthrough technologies across the world. Team Tsecond Inc will be sharing their exciting journey from “being an innovator to opening an office at USA” to the Charter Members at TiE Nagpur Chapter. On behalf of TiE Nagpur board, President Nitin Sachdeva urges the charter members to join the session and experience their journey. A session exclusively for TiE Nagpur’s Charter members. From time to time TiE Nagpur organises various workshops, programmes and sessions to impart knowledge on important topics to its members.