Traders protest against Amazon
   Date :25-Nov-2021

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MAKING a strong protest against activities of the Amazon, in view of some scary incidents in the country’s e-commerce business in the recent past, the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) on Wednesday held protests in more than 1,200 cities in over 500 districts of different States of the country. The US giant Amazon has facilitated the sale of -- marijuana illegally through its portal and banned chemicals in making bombs. And now the incident of selling poison through the e-commerce portal of Amazon has shocked the Country. The protesters demonstrated the anger and resentment of the trading community by holding dharna and demonstration and warned Amazon that either they should make their business model according to the law and rules, otherwise prepare to tie their sack bed from India. Now, the violation of laws and rules in e-commerce business will not be tolerated, CAIT said, adding that if no concrete action is taken immediately in this matter, then the traders of the country will organise -- ‘Bharat Vyapar Bandh’ to raise their voice. The CAIT also said that Amazon’s love & affection towards the sale of marijuana is evident from the fact that it has asked the US Government to legalise the sale of marijuana.
CAIT has demanded that the business model of Amazon and other e-commerce companies should be investigated in a time-bound manner. While like the arrest of Aryan Khan in a drug case, the Amazon officials should also be arrested in the same way and a sedition case should be registered against Amazon for facilitating the sale of chemicals in the Pulwama attack. CAIT has also said that since this issue has taken an inter-state shape, the Union Government should depute its agencies to investigate the case in a time-bound period and the guilty persons should be punished as per the law and till then the operations of Amazon portal should be kept suspended.