Rai-Mohta pair tops group with victory
   Date :18-Dec-2021

Rajesh Thaker_1 &nbs
Principal Correspondent :
The pair of Vaibhav Rai and Tarun Mohta topped their group with another win in the ongoing Late Shri Raibahadur Madhavlal Tulsidas Parikh Memorial Snicket Tournament at Gondwana Club on Friday evening. Rai-Mohta combined well to beat the pair of Tushar Darda and Abhishek Mohta 105-70. In another match, Akshay Thakar and Rajesh Thaker quelled the challenge from Tushar Darda and Abhishek Monta pair with a 63-35 points win. Vidhan Sharma and Kunal Shukul were in ruthless form as they crushed Ujjwal Kothari and Raju Kamwani 156-37. In another match, Pankaj Chokhani and Amit Parikh thrashed Anand Rai and Abhishek Thakur 133-35.