Date :25-Dec-2021

A GENUINE demand, worth serious consideration, has been put forward by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) to the aviation ministry for mandatory playing of Indian music on flights operated by Indian carriers. It may sound a unique request but there is deep realisation for promotion of Indian culture and customs through the divine medium of music. Playing Indian classical or light vocal and instrumental music is real propagation of Indianness in the race among the society to adopt all thing western for the sake of it.
Classical music has the ability to act as a soothing tool and also strengthen people’s emotional connect with India’s traditions. India’s position in music world as an incubator for artists across the globe gives it a headstart in reviving its own ancient traditions. In the race of modernisation, the ancient tradition requires great encouragement and there cannot be a better way to use the PA systems on aircraft to give boost to the idea. Emotional attachment to things of historic origin can be nurtured through the project. The Union Aviation Ministry is in the best position to give the idea the necessary push and help the essence of India bloom further in musical world.