MMA’s WAR gets good response in city
   Date :29-Dec-2021

XTREME Akhaada organised its second Mixed Martial Art (MMA) Fight Night Event called ‘WAR - Warriors and Ragers (W.A.R- 2.0)’ at Nimbus 9, Bokhara Village, Koradi Road recently. The event witnessed 26 professional mixed martial arts fighters from various cities including Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Nagpur, Goa, Chennai battle it out in 18 fights. These fights were full contact combat in accordance to the Unified Mixed Martial Arts Rules and Regulations thereby providing a unique spectator experience to the people of Nagpur as they had never witnessed something like this before.
Xtreme Akhaada is a venture by businessmen Rohit Buty and Vishesh Agrawal and Martial Arts Professional Deepak Udair who want to promote Mixed Martial Art (MMA) at a National Level while giving players a chance to show their skills and potential. Speaking about Xtreme Akhaada and WAR, Buty said, “We are overwhelmed with the success and appreciation of W.A.R 2.0 and the way the people of Nagpur responded to this great sport of mixed martial arts. The audience want to see our fight nights frequently.”