Two organ donations in city, add life to six lives
   Date :04-Dec-2021

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NAGPUR city witnessed two organ donations on Friday which gave new lease of life to four persons and vision to two as two livers, two kidneys and two corneas were donated in one single-day.
In the first case, 65-year-old Shravan Gajanan Rokade, a resident of Sonapura, Parseoni, engaged in co-operative sector, was admitted at Meditrina hospital on December 1 with complaints of giddiness, vomiting, Following tests, doctors diagnosed him as suffering from acute circulation stoke. In spite of all the treatment, his condition deteriorated neurologically and team of doctors declared him brain dead on the evening of December 2. Family members including wife Kalabai and sons Rakesh and Mahesh were counselled by Veena Wathore, Zone coordinator, and they agreed to donate father’s organs.
Though his heart was found medically unfit for transplant, liver was given to a 34-year old woman at Meditrin Meditrina Institute of Medical Science, Nagpur (34 years, Female). ZTCC Kidney committee members noticed that both kidneys were medically unfit for transplant. Since relatives did not want the corneas to be donated, those were not retrieved.
Team of doctors at Meditrina Institute of Medical Science including Dr Sameer Paltewar, Neurosugeon; Dr Akshay Dalal, Cardiologist, Dr Amrit Bansod, Neurology; Dr Ajay Bulle, critical care Dr Tapan Bodele, Intensivist, Piyush Kimmatkar, Nephrologist, Dr Sheetal, Dr Latika, Dr Lalit with those did retrieval and transplantation of liver Dr Prashantha Rao, Dr Anurag Shrimal, Dr Mitul Shah, Dr Amya Panchwagh, Dr Satyajit Patwardhan, Dr Venendra Tembhre played key role. Admin Head Dr Amrita Sharma, Transplant coordinator Dr Ashish Anvikar monitored the process. Meditrina Hospital created honour corridor and free ambulance service for Parseoni.
In another organ donation case, Vishal Madhukarao Nawalkar, a 42-year old man, a resident of Vidarbha Mill colony, Achalpur, Amravati, was admitted at Bhansali Multispecialty hospital, Paratwada, with epilepsy traumatic head injury.This was the first organ donation took place in Amravati district after the pandemic.
In spite of all treatment, his condition deteriorated and team of doctors declared him brain dead on Thursday. His wife Sneha readily agreed to donate organs. Consent was given for donation of both kidneys, liver, heart, lungs and pair of corneas.
With no list of recipients available at local-level, the ZTCC-Nagpur allocated heart and lungs as per waiting list at national level. Those could not worked out due to logistic reason.
Liver was given to a 67-year old woman at New Era Hospital. A 33-year old man at Super Speciality Hospital got the first kidney while 2nd kidney was given to a young 26-year old man at Care Hospital Age 26. The corneas were given to Amravati Netra Pedhi.
Brain dead committee members Dr Ashish Bhansali, Dr Sikander Adwani, Dr Saira Kadu, and Dr Anand Pore declared patient brain-dead.
At Super Speciality hospital, the team of doctors including Kidney Transplant Surgeon Dr Charushila P. Bawankule, Dr Dhananjay Selukar, Dr Ritesh Banode, Dr Ajit Patel, Dr Mahesh Borikar, and Transplant coordinator- Dr Ajinkya Patil worked hard under the guidance of Dean Dr Sudhir Gupta.
At Care Hospital, the team including Dr Ravi Deshmukh, Urologist; Aditya Kumar Singh, Dr Ashwinikumar Khandekar, Nephrologist; Dr Deepali Gomase, Nitin Chopde, Anesthesiologist and Transplant Coordinator Shubhangi Pokle managed the retrieval and transplantation.
Dr Rahul Saxena, Liver Transplant surgeon; Dr Sahil Bansal and Dr Sneha Khade, Transplant coordinator Dr Ashwini Choudhary succeeded in the liver transplantation.
ZTCC-Nagpur Team including President- Dr Vibhavari Dani, Secretary- Dr. Sanjay Kolte, Zone Transplant Coordinator -Veena Wathore played important role.
In absence of recipients’ list the heart and lungs of a middle-aged person could not be transplanted. Expressing regret over it, Dr Vibhavari Dani, President of Zonal Transplant Coordination Committee (ZTCC) and Dr Sanjay Kolte, Secretary said, “Yet another wastage of valuable organs, heart and lungs due to logistics. Certainly the time is ripe for framing policies for easy and quick transport of extremely valuable life-saving organs. It is really high time to enroll recipients for heart and lungs with ZTCC Nagpur to avoid such wastage of extremely valuable life- saving organs.”