AICPDF & Inlog Network launch ‘City Logistics’ distribution system
   Date :12-Feb-2021

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Business Bureau :
The All India Consumer Product Distributors Federation (AICPDF) and Inlog Network jointly launched an innovative ‘City Logistics’ system for effecitive and efficient distribution of FMCG product in the city. To mark launching of the system here on Thursday, B C Bhartiya, National President of CAIT; Dharashil Patil President of AICPDF and Praveen Khandelwal - General Sectary - CAIT; Pradeep Singal and Rajesh Kumar of the Inlog Network Pvt Limited flagged of a vehicle carrying the specialised sealed boxes.
The new initiative by AICPDF for aggregation of distributors delivery is the way to compete with the ongoing e-commerce companies. Punit Kusumgar, MD Kusumgar Group, who is also one of the distributors where the pilot project was started, said that the new system will change the distribution pattern and will impact the profitability of the distributors and also help them compete with the e-commerce business. Singal said that the organisation is committed to help both distributors and retailers for making their business more transparent and competitive.
AICPDF and Inlog Network have developed a path breaking Artificial Intelligence based system of integrating deliveries for the retail trade for number of distributors across the country. There are routes along which products, information, and finance flow. Most of the manufacturers use a specific distribution channel to take products to consumers. The distribution channel structure in India is largely traditional and quite unique.