Rainbow Medinova installs ‘Artificial Intelligence’ enabled CT scanner
   Date :17-Feb-2021

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Business Bureau ;
In its continuous effort of bringing the latest diagnostic equipments since 1998, Rainbow Medinova, Ramdaspeth has installed the latest 384 Slice artificial intelligence enabled CT scanner. Cardiac CT angio can be done walk-in with a single breath-hold of 5-7 seconds. The processing is automatically complete by using artificial intelligence till the patient exits the CT room. This CT scanner is equipped with Dual Energy and Twin Beam technology, which is made available for the first time in single-source CT by Siemens in India.
All the applications are supported by artificial intelligenceand due to fast scanning contrast requirement and scanning, time of processing is reduced to almost half the normal. This is the first CT which can be operated by using a wireless computer tab from outside the room. Various scans like head and neck, angio, brain haemorrhage (Dual Energy) stroke in Neurology, whole-body cancer screening scan can be done within 3 minutes with 40 per cent less contrast and 50 per cent less radiation.
Virtual colonoscopy with polyp detection and volume rendering of all the tumours in Gastroenterology, HRCT chest for Covid with just radiation equal to one X-Ray exposure, automatic ECG heart rate detection, correction for arrhythmia, automatic motion correction, stenosis measurement, endoluminal view in Cardiology, etc. can be performed using this 384 slice CT scanner. The team of professional radiologists at Rainbow Medinova available for consulting includes Dr Dhananjay M Patrikar, Dr Amol Bitey and Dr Harshwardhan Jain who is specially trained for cardiac scanning at Narayana Hrudayalaya. For details contact Dr R B Dakhane, Proprietor, RMDS, (M. 9823037420).