Government should simplify GST returns, compliances: NVCC
   Date :18-Feb-2021

Ashwin Mehadia _1 &n
 Ashwin Mehadia handing over the memorandum to Ravindra Khajanji, Resident Deputy Collector, Nagpur.
Business Bureau :
In the current tax system, traders are facing a lot of difficulties due to the excess filing of returns and tax compliances. Taking up the issue, a delegation under the leadership of Ashwin Mehadia, President of Nag Vidarbha Chamber of Commerce (NVCC) recently met Ravindra Khajanji, Resident Deputy Collector, Nagpur and handed over a memorandum stating that the Government should give relief to tax payers by simplifying GST returns and compliances. Mehadia further said that due to increasing day-to-day returns and complainces, the basic objective of ‘one country-one tax’ and good and simple tax is not being fulfilled.
Also, most of the time is spent by the traders filing returns and compliances, and due to a small mistake, part of business dividend is being spent in paying fines and interest. In such a situation, the Notification No. 94/2020 and January 2021 Notification No. issued 01/2021 increased the taxpayer’s difficulties in filing the return. Under the above notification, trader cannot claim the ITC due to the mistake made by the supplier, which has already been paid by the merchant while purchasing the item. “Not only this, the buyer has to pay penalty and interest for the mistake made by the supplier in filing the return, which is not justified,” he added.