Hyderabad Police rescue 3-yr-old kidnapped boy from Maharashtra
   Date :21-Feb-2021

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 Hyderabad City Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar gives
chocolates to a rescued three-year-old boy whose kidnappers were nabbed within hours of receiving a complaint in Hyderabad on Friday.
HYDERABAD Police has rescued a 3-year-old boy from the clutches of a kidnapper who had taken shelter in a village in Maharashtra. Addressing a press conference on Friday, Hyderabad City Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar said two police teams reached Amanwadi village in Maharashtra on February 18 and arrested the accused person. “A three-year-old boy was kidnapped by Shyam Bheem Rao Solanki from Maharashtra. On February 9, a complaint was filed by M. Shiva Kumar, the father of the boy named Rudramani.
Based on the complaint, the investigation took place. Besides the tech team, two dedicated teams were formed to trace the kidnapped child,” Kumar said. The Police Commissioner said that the accused kidnapped the boy with an intention to sell him in Maharashtra. “M Shiv Kumar along with his wife and three children came from Karnataka in search of work and stayed on a footpath near public gardens for 4 days.
Accused Shaym Bheem Rao Solanki met the family and introduced himself as Raju who had come from Mumbai to work. After waiting for the right time, the accused kidnapped the boy with an intention to sell him in Maharashtra,” he said. In another case, the Hyderabad city police has arrest one interstate attention diverting gang containing three persons and one habitual house burglar and seized 290 grams gold ornaments, 217 grams silver ornaments, 3 motorcycles.