Unique offer at World’s Best Dry Fruits
   Date :21-Feb-2021

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World’s Best Dry Fruits has launched a unique offer on dry fruits. Under this offer one can buy dry fruits worth Rs 2,000 and get dry fruits worth Rs 1,000 free. ‘World’s Best Dry Fruits’ is also offering dry fruits specially made laddu which increases Hemoglobin by 2-3 points in a month. It contains gum full of calcium, dates for vitamins, kaju for magnesium, badam for protein, pista for vitamin E, anjeer for iron, 32 herbs for immunity, gud for minerals, sugar to make it sweet, desi ghee for vitamin B12.
Our elders make sure that the mother eats these lactating laddus twice a day for proper growth of children’s brain. Dry Fruits are healthy food and it can save from diabetes and heart attack, informs a press release. For more details, interested persons may visit World’s Best Dry Fruits which is located at Residency Road, near Patanjali, Sadar, Nagpur. Customer Care number - 7786969696.