Shanjan to be youngest author of world to publish book
   Date :23-Feb-2021

Sanjana Thamma _1 &n
 Sanjana Thamma presenting a vocabulary book to District Collector Dr S Bharathi Dasan.
Staff Reporter :
‘Petals’, the vocabulary book for kids, is incredible in many ways. The first and foremost reason is that the book was authored by Shanjan Thamma when she was just 3.5 years old (now four years old). The second reason, Shanjan is world record holder and third is the book is going to set another record of her that is youngest author of the world to publish a book. Shanjan is an ambidextrous girl (who can write with both hands).
She recorded all her initial vocabulary in this book in two languages – English and Hindi along with cure pictures drawn by her to explain the meaning of worlds more evidently. A brightly coloured and illustrated A-Z alphabet book will guide children through each word and discuss the pictures with them as they begin an enjoyable learning experience.
The book is basically kids friendly with they can learn the two languages simultaneously and interestingly. Recently, Shanjan met with Raipur District Collector Dr S Bharathi Dasan and presented a copy of the book. When asked about the child, Collector Dr Bharathi Dasan said that he had sent the child to the women and child development department officer. Speaking to The Hitavada, Mansi Thamma said that Shanjan started writing book at the age of 2 years and 11 months. “We also helped by motivating her all the time,” Mansi told this newspaper.