Date :23-Feb-2021

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IT IS good news that the Centre is contemplating appropriate regulations on social media so that it does not go berserk. Hinting at the possibility, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Mr. Ram Madhav said that the social media has a borderless expanse and it has the potential to topple governments. Hence the need to have appropriate regulations in place so that such a potent tool in the hands of common people is not abused. For quite some time, thinking people have been feeling the need to have such regulations in place. The idea is not to restrict social media, but it is to restrain it from being abused by untoward elements whose aim is to destabilise the establishment of whatever colour. Those who have tried to understand the operational patterns of social media realise how dangerous things can become when nameless and faceless operators hold the larger society to ransom on suspect premises. Realising this propensity of the social media to disturb social harmony, a demand has often come up seeking proper regulation of domain. It is good that Mr. Madhav has hinted at such a possibility in the near future to regulate social media.
THE prestigious Critics’ Best Actor Award from famed the Dadasaheb Phalke awards has been bestowed upon the deceased Sushant Singh Rajput -- SSR to fans -- for his contribution to entertainment industry. With this posthumous honour, the entertainment industry has acknowledged SSR’s acting talent and the place he earned for himself in a career that did not span even ten years. No matter the ruckus created by some sections about his untimely death loaded down with suspicion of a foul-play, SSR was a young man from a modest background but made it big for himself in a highly cut-throat world of entertainment domain. The very fact many sections of the larger Indian society were disturbed by the manner of his death, showed the kind of impact he made on the people. A few other actors, too, ended their lives around the same or thereafter. But none of those deaths raised a controversy of the kind that SSR’s death caused. All these indicate that the Phalke honour did not go to him by way of some casual selection, but he deserved it richly. Many questions arose from the entertainment landscape after his death, and most of those are yet to be answered fully.