Joint pain care at Ayur PureBliss
   Date :06-Feb-2021

Joint pain care at Ayur P
AYURCARE PureBliss is a pioneering Panchkarma centre in Civil Lines. Ayurcare is one of the renowned and trusted Panchkarma centres at Nagpur. It offers treatment on various back pain and spine related diseases. Joint pain is a common problem and growing incidences over the year. Ayurcare is offering special focused Panchkarma therapy which includes vasthi, podikizhi, elakizhi, abhyangam etc., in conjugation with herbal medicines is effective in providing tangible benefits in back pain. It also helps in preventing degeneration of cartilage. For further details, interested may contact the Centre located at Civil Lines, opposite Hislop College (Mobile: 8552930795, 7276001267).