Increase in local supplies cool down veggie prices in wholesale market
   Date :25-Mar-2021

Increase in local supplie
Business Bureau :
The local supply of vegetables from nearby areas of Nagpur has witnessed a significant increase that has resulted in prices dropping in the wholesale market. Currently, local supplies constitute major portion of the total vegetables unloaded at the Mahatma Phuley Wholesale Market, popularly known as Cotton Market. “The prices of vegetables have declined due to increase in local supplies,” said Ram Mahajan, Secretary of Mahatma Phuley Sabji Bazaar Association while speaking to The Hitavada. Currently, about 100 to 120 small and medium size tempos and small trucks unload vegetables at the wholesale market.
The prices of vegetables being quoted at the wholesale market on Wednesday was as follows: Cauliflower Rs 3 per kilo to Rs 4 per kg, Brinjal Rs 10 per kilo to Rs 15 per kilo, Lady’s Finger Rs 25 per kilo to Rs 30 per kg, Capsicum Rs 20 per kilo, Spinach Rs 5 per kilo, Pumpkin Rs 30 per kilo, Cucumber Rs Rs 10 per kilo to 20 per kilo, Tomatoes Rs 20 per kilo, Carrot Rs 6 per kilo to Rs 10 per kilo, Radish Rs 10 per kilo to Rs 15 per kilo, Green Chilli Rs 30 per kilo to Rs 40 per kilo, Cluster Beans Rs 10 per kilo to Rs 15 per kg, Bitter Gourd Rs 20 per kilo to Rs 25 per kilo, Bottle Gourd Rs 20 per kilo, Parwal Rs 30 per kilo, Cabbage Rs 3 per kilo to Rs 5 per kilo, and Fenugreek Leaf Rs 30 per kilo depending on the quality, he said. However, with the rains during the past few days in Nagpur district, it is expected that the local vegetable supplies would extend till end of April. This would check the vegetable prices from increasing giving a sigh of relief to the people, Mahajan said.