Woman threatens to write ex-Minister’s name in suicide note
   Date :28-Mar-2021

Ramesh Jarkiholi_1 &
CLAIMING that she had undergone tremendous torture in the last 24 days after a sleaze CD went viral on March 2, the woman at the centre of the controversy released her fourth video clip on Saturday stating that she felt like ending her own life. She also said she would write a detailed suicide note naming (former Karnataka Minister) Ramesh Jarkiholi in it for not just exploiting her sexually but also for threatening her family and her. In her 4.27 minute video clip released from an undisclosed location, the woman alleged she doesn’t know whether she should live or die as Jarkiholi’s family can go to any extent and is capable of doing anything.
“I know they can go to the extent of killing me and my parents,” she said. Quoting Ramesh Jarkiholi, she said that he says that he can pull down a Government in a day and he is ready to spend a hefty amount to put everyone in jail to ensure his victory. “What does he mean by saying ‘ready to spend any amount’. This is a clear indication and I request people should understand that they are ready to do anything, they can harm my parents or kill me. Precisely for this very reason, I want to write a death note and name Ramesh Jarkiholi in it before killing myself over this 24-day-long torture,” she alleged.