Baiganpalli, Alphonso mango varieties arrive in market
   Date :10-Apr-2021

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ITS SUMMER time and one can easily notice when they see the delicious orange colour mangoes in the market. The ‘King of fruit’ the mango, has arrived in large quantities at the Kalamna wholesale marketyard.
Currently, the Baiganpalli and Alphonso mango varieties have arrived since one week. This was disclosed by Anand Dongre, President of Nagpur Fruit Dealers Association while speaking to The Hitavada.
He said that one of the most favourite varieties Baiganpalli is arriving from Kurnool, Warangal and other districts of Andhra Pradesh. On a daily average 30 to 40 trucks are arriving at the wholesale market. In the wholesale market the Baiganpalli which is fully mature is being quoted in the range of Rs 40 per kg to Rs 50 per kg. The semi mature variety is being quoted at Rs 30 per kg to Rs 40 per kg. In the retail market it is available at Rs 100 per kg to Rs 150 per kg. Similarly, the famous Alphonso popularly known as the Hapus mango variety is coming from Ratnagiri and Mumbai. It is being quoted at Rs 800 to Rs 1,000 per dozen, he said.
The production of Baiganpalli is better than the previous year due to favourable climatic conditions. Last year the production was about 25 per cent to 30 per cent due to unfavourable climate. In the previous year, Baiganpalli was being quoted at Rs 100 per kg to Rs 180 per kg.
“From next week, we will get supply of Payri variety from Ratnagiri and Southern part of the country. Apart from this, the local supply of Dassahari, Shakkar Gutli, Langada, Kesar is expected to start in another 15 days to 20 days. The local varieties come from Bhiwapur, Umrer, Kuhi, Mandal and other near by areas,” he said. The prices of mangoes could come down in the next few weeks. In the country there are more than 1,800 mango varieties, he added.