Sportspersons, coaches, PTIs protest at over 100 venues
   Date :10-Apr-2021

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Nagpur city (may be entire India and even the world) witnessed a protest of this magnitude involving only sports on Friday.
Over 150 coaches, an equal number of physical training instructors (PTIs) and scores of sportspersons representing different sports associations and organisations came together with one common motto of saving sports in these tough times.
They peacefully protested at over hundred venues in the city against lockdown urging Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) to save sports and careers of sportspersons and coaches by allowing resumption of sporting activities not only in Nagpur but in the entire State of Maharashtra.
During their protest, they posed various questions to the government including asking them (Govt) that who will be held responsible for the loss of players’ and coaches’ life.
Many national-level tournaments are being conducted in other states and with no training facilities to Maharashtra players, they will stand no chance against their rivals.
At Krida Square near Ishwar Deshmukh College of Physical Education, Dronacharya and Arjuna Awardee Vijay Munishwar, international and Shiv Chhatrapati Awardee archer Sandip Gawai, Dr Vivek Awsare, Deaven Dasture, Chhatrapati Awardee Piyush Ambulkar, badminton coach Ajay Dayal, Sachin Mathne, Abhishek Thaware, international swimming coach Dr Sambhaji Bhosale, fitness trainer Sachin Deshmukh, athletics coach Jitendra Ghordadekar, Ravindra Tong, Vaibhav Kumre along with many noted and popular coaches of different sports, past and present players were present.
On different venues, players and coaches held placards with different messages in support of their demand of reopening of all grounds and sporting activities.
They urged Nagpur Municipal Commissioner Dr B Radhakrishnan, Guardian Minister Nitin Raut, Sports Minister Sunil Kedar and Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray to look into the matter seriously and come up with the solutions that will serve sports and sportspersons in the best possible way.
They wanted that in the first place, all the state and national level players must be allowed to practise. The protesters finally warned the State Government that if no action is taken by Sunday, the group will take more serious steps and even mobilise others across the State to join them in their endeavour.