NGA urges for opening of fitness industry
    Date :13-Apr-2021
Sports Reporter :
EVEN as the authorities are contemplating another complete lockdown in the entire state of Maharashtra, Nagpur Gym Association (NGA) has come up with a request to consider opening fitness industries on priority that is shut since 2020. Terming themselves as “Health Workers”, an NGA press release issued by Kuldeep Chikane, Rohit Shahu and Dr Kevin Agrawal states that they work under the banner of Fit India and that they not only build strength and immunity but also we help in overcoming people suffering from depression, anxiety, pre-post cardiac surgery, arthritis, diabetes and many such medical conditions.

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They called themselves “Health Workers” as they play a major role in health and fitness. Gyms and fitness industries are shut since 2020 and since they are unable to work and earn daily living, they were facing huge financial problem. The release added that those in the business are not even able to maintain basic necessities of food and shelter.