Much of positive patients dying due to shock: Yoga guru Khodaskar
   Date :14-Apr-2021
Sports Reporter :
IT’S all in the mind they say. And yes, death too, if you believe yoga guru Dr Arun Khodaskar. Expressing his views in a webinar, Dr Khodaskar said that twenty-five to thirty corona positive patients are dying because of mental shock. Dr Khodaskar is a former Principal of Degree College of Physical Education run by Shri Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal. Speaking on the subject ‘Controlling mental tension with yoga and diet’ in a webinar organised by Bhopal’s Government Hamidiya Arts and Commerce College, Dr Khodaskar said, “People are living in tension these days. They are afraid of contracting coronavirus.

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They get more tense if they have some common symptoms of the disease. When they test positive, they take it for granted that death is inevitable. It is all in the mind. It has been seen that many die due to heart-attack because of the shock. There have been instances of a few committing suicide. Apart from good doctors, family and friends can be the most helpful to such persons to bring them out of this tension.” Demonstrating various asanas, Dr Arun Khodaskar advised such people to practise yoga. “Corona positive patients must do pranayam, onkaarjaap, dirghashwasan and mediation along with proper counselling and medication to get rid of the disease.”