‘Industries, local administration must work in tandem to fight COVID’
   Date :16-Apr-2021
Business Bureau :
The Joint Coordination Committee (JCC) consisting of VIA, BMA, MIA, KIA, CII, DICCI called a meeting with senior Government authorities to discuss the challenges and issues faced by industries due to the ‘Break the Chain’ rules introduced by Government. On the occasion, Ashok Dharmadhikari, Joint Director of Industries (JDI), Nagpur said, “Maharashtra is worried with the spread of COVID-19, therefore, the Government has issued guidelines and allowed only essential category units to operate consisting of hospitals, diagnostic centres, clinics, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, other medical and health services including supporting manufacturing and distribution units along with their dealers, transport and supply chain.

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Also, manufacturing and distribution of vaccines, sanitizers, masks, medical equipment, their ancillaries, raw material units and support services, cold storage and warehousing services. He said, in the manufacturing sector, following units should continue to operate in various shifts and all the units that manufacture items needed for essential services as per Government order to remain operational with full capacity as well as EOUs that need to fulfill export obligation. For process units that cannot be stopped immediately and cannot restart without considerable time should be continued with a maximum 50% of workforce.
These processes must not be net consumers of oxygen, unless producing items that are needed for essential services. He stressed that for essential and non essential industries, units that provide accommodation to the their labour, working either in the same campus or in an isolated facility from where movement may happen in an isolated bubble, with only 10% of managerial staff coming from outside may continue to work and movement of staff outside the premises is not allowed till the end of this notification. Such units may operate in shifts. Ravindra Thakare, Collector of Nagpur said, issues related to non essential industries like packaging industries and supporting essential industries are allowed to operate their units. Commuting to and fro of employees is allowed and industry should issue I-Card to each employee. He further said there is no need to take any permission from Government to run their units, for those who have got permission earlier.
He said, considering medical emergencies and shortage of oxygen cylinders, he appealed to industrialists to return empty as well as filled oxygen cylinders to suppliers, those who are unable to run their units due to limited stock of cylinders. Dr Sanjeev Kumar, Divisional Commissioner, Nagpur said, “These 15 days is a temporary phenomena and we are looking for cooperation, patience and support from industries. Nobody from the Department will give permission or pass because this is a huge exercise”. He said, self certification and ID cards can be issued by essential sector units. Rakesh Ola, SP (Rural Nagpur) said, “Units must follow all safety measures i.e. scanning of body temperature, sanitization, vaccination, testing employees, etc”. Amitesh Kumar, Commissioner of Police, Nagpur said, “Government has taken certain emergency measures to control the spread of coronavirus.” Suresh Rathi, President of VIA said, “This meeting has been called to remove the confusion amongst the industrial fraternity.” He also appealed the industries to take responsibility and support the administration. Gaurav Sarda, Secretary of VIA read out queries.